Mississauga homeowners are justifiably proud of their homes and yards. A beautiful yard is an asset to any home, no lawn_0matter what the season. For most of the year, our yards and landscaping, carefully manicured, are a joy for our families and a beautiful introduction to our homes. During the winter months, driveways and walks cleared of snow and ice show the world our pride in our homes.

weed whackerCreating and maintaining that inviting outdoor space, though, can  be a lot of work. We’re busier than ever, and finding time to do the  meticulous care a beautiful yard requires can cut into the limited  spare time we have and interfere with family activities.


  • Pro Yard Works provides regular mowing and grooming to seasonal ove seeding and weed control, Pro Yard Works  helps you create and maintain the luxurious lawn you and your family deserve.
  • Pro Yard Works  Snow Removal Services – When the snow falls and the ice forms, save your back and let Pro Yard Works keep your driveway and walks clean and safe for you and your guests
  • Pro Yard Works provides eavestrough  and Window Cleaning  services through out the Spring Summer and Fall months