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FreePBX and PBXact from Sangoma, the best of VoIP Phone systems

Business Telephone Systems

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Business Telephone Systems from Sangoma

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SIP Trunking

Still paying for telephone company business lines? Call us today to find out how we can make your business more accessible, professional AND save money! You won’t BELIEVE you didn’t do this years ago. 1.877.571.1083

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Hosted PBX

Callmart offers a truly unique product, the most affordable, feature rich hosted PBX service available! You owe it to your business to find out more- Call now and get a Free 7 day Trial. 1-877-571-1083

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Road Warrior

Your business is done on the road, NOT in an office!! Missed Calls? – Take your business to the next level with one of our Road Warrior packages, Call today and get a free 7 day trial!! 1-877-571-1083

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Hosted PBX Canada

Hosted PBX

Hosted PBX from Callmart provides your business with an enterprise-grade business telephone system without having to purchase costly premised based equipment and the maintenance upkeep associated with a PBX. Business VoIP Systems from Callmart

SIP Trunking

SIP Trunking is rapidly replacing traditional telephone lines because of their cost, functionality and voice quality. SIP Trunks can be added to a business telephone system in

Road Warrior

Take your business to the next Level with our Road Warrior packages, designed to give you an edge over your competition by providing you the tools to be  more productive and professional. 

Business Telephone Systems

Business Telephone Systems

The PBXact UC business telephone system is designed for organizations needing a fully featured, commercially supported, business communications turnkey solution. PBXact has features and functions integrated into the most popular phones .

Business Telephone Systems

Callmart knows that “one size does not fill all” when it comes to business telephone systems, and we design a solution the is based on the customers needs. We offer premised based VoIP business telephone systems as well as hosted PBX solutions, and can, therefore, recommend the solution that is best suited to the customer business processes and budget. Our goal is to provide an exceptional experience starting with best of class products, installation and service resulting a happy customer who could confidently recommend us to his business associates.


1 Number | 1 Company

Moving your telecommunications requirements to Callmart will provide the piece of mind you deserve, knowing that all it takes is one call to one company to address any of your questions or concerns. When you add Callmart business lines to your telephone system, not only do you save enough money to help pay for your new business telephone systems, you eliminate finger pointing when something does go wrong. Callmart’s end to end solution provides a single point for responsibility for all your communications needs… 1 Company | 1 Number


Needs Analysis-Discovery

In the needs analysis stage, we work closely with the customer to explore business processes and call flow within the organization, looking for ways to improve productivity, the customer experience and to reduce costs associated with Teleco line and telephone equipment.  Network security is a very important factor when implementing remote worker and VoIP business lines and we advise and work with the customer to implement network best practices.

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We have been using Callmart provided SIP trunks at our office for almost a year. They offer great rates and the quality of service is top notch. The setup was painless and we have had absolutely no issues ever since. I would recommend Callmart without a doubt  to any business shopping for SIP trunks.

Altaf Dasurkar

Manager IT, Grasshopper Solar

FreePBX Call Recording Reports Module

FreePBX Call Recording Reports Module The FreePBX Call Recording Reports Module allows  industries to record and archive calls for Customer Satisfaction, Employee Evaluation and Training, Security, and Legal Compliance reasons. Managing these recordings within... read more

FreePBX Appointment Reminder

FreePBX Appointment Reminder FreePBX appointment reminder module is a unique way to automate appointment confirmations, cancellations and reschedules. By simply specifying numbers and names to be called your PBX will automatically call at specified times and allow... read more

Canadian Toll Free Number

Canadian Toll-Free Number Looking for a Canadian Toll-Free Number for Your business? Toll-free numbers provide a great service to your customer and potential customers by giving them an easy and free way of reaching out to you. Callmart offers great rates, excellent... read more

Free Phone System

Set up a Free Phone System Set up a Free Phone system a UC IP PBX system , this is a fully featured IP PBX  that is used by millions of businesses around the world, this is something that all major telephone manufacturers never mention and never  shown in those PIE... read more

A Case Study-SIP Trunking

Grasshopper Solar, one Canada’s leading Commercial and  Residential solar power, sales, installation and service companies is in a continual growth phase. Campaigns marketing their Solar Panel Programs were done using Canada Post Unaddressed mail, website... read more

What is Unified Communications

What is UC and what is all the hype about?? Every VoIP telephone manufacturer, every hosted PBX provider all have one thing in common-creating a lot of hype about UC ( Unified Communications) Is All the Hype have any merit, well as a matter of fact it does.... read more

Hosted PBX Plans

Hosted PBX Plans-Which one is right for me? Trying to figure out the various  hosted PBX plans and providers seem like an insurmountable task, but it doesn’t have to be. Usual questions are what features are included, how long is the contract, what if I want to... read more

Forward Follow Me

Forward Follow Me – what is it? Forward follow me is  a PBX feature that allows users of a Hosted PBX Service or IP PBX to have calls to their extension sent to multiple devices. Calls can be sent to  desk Phone, a cellular number or another extension or... read more

What is SIP

We found the best answer to What is SIP on Wikipedia So What is SIP? The Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is a communications protocol for signaling and controlling multimedia communication sessions. The most common applications of SIP are in Internet telephony for... read more

SIP Trunks Canada

SIP Trunks Canada Never let your customers get a busy signal again!! with SIP Trunks this is not only possible but will save your business 40-60% on what your are currently paying for your Telco business lines. There are two types of SIP trunks available and depending... read more

Ultimate Small Business Telephone Solution

Hosted PBX-The Ultimate Small Business Telephone Solution from Callmart Telecommunications. We have taken the best of Hosted PBX services, premised based small business telephone solutions, SIP Trunks and the Reliability of Bell Canada business lines- all rolled up... read more